Inspiration Sessions

In the past Light House educational event series were held under our Market Insights name. With a new Light House team and new global challenges in front of us, we are bringing a fresh feel to these events.

We are pleased to announce our event series for 2016 – The Inspiration Sessions.

Current and cutting edge seminars tackling some of the most inspiring topics in the building industry. We choose an annual theme based on progressive insight and present three sessions featuring industry and academic experts from various backgrounds. These sessions are meant to challenge the current way of thinking and open discussions across companies and disciplines. Interactive in nature, each session will culminate in a panel discussion where the speakers will have the opportunity to answer questions collectively, bouncing ideas off each other, and coming up with unique results.

2016 is the year of Health. Everyone is talking about the new WELL Building Standard®. Design professionals are looking at research from the fields of psychology and public health to inform their designs. Bringing people back to the forefront of sustainable design gives us an opportunity to expand beyond some of the past thinking around sustainability and look towards new strategies that put people back into the conversation.