NISP: Circular Economy-Based Business Opportunities Workshop

Join us on April 11th for the next NISP Circular Economy-Based Business Opportunities Workshop to be delivered in the Metro Vancouver Area.

Lunch + Networking after the workshop.

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NISP – Edmonton Business Opportunities Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to our FREE ‘Business Opportunities’ workshop as part of a new program to develop smarter ways of bringing resource management solutions and bottom line benefits to companies based in the region.

The workshop will help you to:

– Turn your waste into a resource

– Save money on your waste costs

– Generate new business opportunities

– Network with other local businesses

– Improve your environmental performance

– Be part of the circular economy

Who Should Attend?

Businesses across all sectors and sizes in 30 countries worldwide have benefitted from the NISP model. This workshop welcomes small, medium and large enterprises from any sector. In particular, the program benefits businesses with tangible resource flows (such as, but certainly not limited to manufacturing, distribution, farming, energy generation, hospitals, hotels and tourism, vehicle maintenance, construction / demolition / deconstruction, food and beverage processing, film and theatre production, research labs, chemical & petrochemical, oil and gas, and trucking / logistics and more).

The workshop is open to businesses within and near Edmonton; a regional approach has been proven worldwide to result in far greater business savings than efforts focused within a single business or industrial district.

The deeper the operational knowledge of your delegate, the greater the chances you will uncover symbiosis opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Businesses attend the workshop for free and table their resource haves and wants. Resources frequently include solid ‘wastes’ or by-products, but can also include excess thermal energy, (waste)water, or even space, logistical needs, or expertise.

Through a specially facilitated process, potential matches are made right there at the workshop. On average, each business makes 5-10 matches. You will receive a report summarizing your matches shortly after the workshop. You can pursue implementation on your own or with facilitation support from the regional practitioners. In addition, the practitioners will run analyses to find matches missed at the workshop and constantly look for new matches with businesses attending other workshops.

This workshop is part of our National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP) Pilot project – a first in Canada! The NISP model has been proven worldwide to create the most regional industrial symbiosis in the shortest time!

Industrial symbiosis business opportunities include business-to-business partnerships to transform wastes or by-products from one business into higher value inputs for other businesses, as well as business-to-business collaboration to maximize efficient use of logistics, space, or even R&D resources.

Under the NISP model, BUSINESSES ONLY IMPLEMENT OPPORTUNITIES THAT MAKE BUSINESS SENSE TO THEM. The NISP model is endorsed by the G7, OECD, EU, and Global Green Growth Forum and has been adapted in 21 countries.

We look forward to seeing you there November 29!