RCMP Green Building Strategy



Project Completion Date

March 2007

Project Type

Light House Services

Integrated Design facilitation, strategy development, research, policy development


PHH ARC Environmental for the RCMP




Design Team

Project Summary

Green Building Strategy and Toolkit, IDP facilitation, policy development and report for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Pacific Region The RCMP Pacific Region manages and occupies over 800 facilities including large training buildings, detachments, industrial facilities and residential buildings in both urban and remote locations (BC and Yukon). On behalf of PHH ARC Environmental Light House facilitated a one-day stakeholder workshop to benchmark current activities and establish vision and goals for the RCMP’s green building roadmap. Based on feedback from RCMP members, property managers, facility managers, capital planners and others, Light House developed a policy framework to enable RCMP facilities to be designed, built and operated so that negative environmental impacts are minimized; energy use is reduced; and cost-saving measures are enhanced during the construction and over the full life cycle of the facility. This overarching green building strategy is then supported by a practical “next steps” toolkit and PowerPoint presentation for internal education and capacity building purposes.