Light House at GLOBE 2016 – UK-Canada Low Carbon Forum: Sustainable Future Cities

globeLight House was honoured to be one of 32 participants at the UK-Canada Low Carbon Forum: Sustainable Future Cities held March 1, 2016 in Vancouver. The event was organized by the UK Consulate General in Vancouver, and facilitated by UBC’s Dr. James Tansey.

Consular staff are very active in the green building and sustainability conversation in Vancouver (and Canada in general), and brought together an inspiring group to explore policies and technologies for a sustainable future.

We can’t wait to dig deeper into the Future Cities Catapult; Birminghams’s retrofit of 65,000 Victorian homes and construction of 47 carbon positive homes; and Carillion’s sustainable trades training. It was wonderful to see Canadian efforts showcased: such as economic Commission’s efforts to establish all City of Vancouver assets as pilot sites for local clean technologies; BC’s successful carbon emission reductions; and architect Michael Green’s progress on
tall wood buildings.

For some background, check out “Our Future Depends on Building Smart, Sustainable Cities” Huffington Post blog by Rupert Potter, the British Consul General in Vancouver.