Journal of Commerce: Green building with Joanne Sawatzky at the VRCA Construction Learning Forum – May 2014

Joanne Sawatzky, the senior green building project manager at Light House Sustainable Building Centre, delivered a seminar on progress made with “green” construction at the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s Construction Learning Forum held recently in Whistler, B.C.

Sawatsky also spoke to the Journal of Commerce about the challenges facing green building and the increased commitment of municipalities in the Lower Mainland to ensuring new buildings hew to green building standards.

She also tackled new stumbling blocks for green builders, such as the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other hazardous materials are on a site, or the increasing importance of air quality, both during construction and during the lifespan of the building.

For a blog from Sawatsky’s session, click here, and stay tuned for more videos from the Construction Learning Forum in coming weeks.

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