Innovista Eco-Industrial Park



Hinton, AB

Project Completion Date


Project Type

Eco-Industrial Development

Light House Services

Eco-Industrial Park Planning and Development, Policy Development


Town of Hinton, AB




Design Team

Project Summary

Light House staff (then with EIS) worked on the planning and development and provided eco-industrial advisory for Canada’s most innovative new industrial development. In addition to sustainable development objectives, the EIP is designed to minimize operating costs and maximize business opportunities for the Town. Sustainable Planning & Design – We created the conceptual plan incorporating ecological, community and industrial profiles. With the Town, we developed Canada’s first eco-industrial zoning designation and development guidelines, ensuring that the regulations allowed the development to be both innovative and marketable. This was supported with a user-friendly public communication document that clearly describes the flexibility offered to developers and outlines the required design features with text and illustrations. Public Consultation involved several key stakeholders and included interviews with local businesses, government, ENGOs, and developers during development of the conceptual plan. This led to project open houses, public update meetings/presentations, and ongoing communications with local industry and potential businesses to identify issues and refine opportunities. Marketing & Communications for Innovista garnered national media interest, securing a number of featured articles in industry specific magazines as well as newspapers. We assisted the Town in managing sales and marketing, designed information packages, maintained a media calendar, and directly contacted industry groups and potential buyers. Development Management – We pioneered cash flow analysis methods for EIPs in Canada, with customized proformas that account for: costs/benefits of EIN opportunities (e.g. flexible utility corridors) the needs of the public sector, and the impact of various grant and financing opportunities. We acted as the development managers for the project, and assisted with infrastructure design