Financial Impacts of the BOMA Go Green Program



Project Completion Date

September 2007

Project Type

Light House Services


PHH ARC Environmental for BOMA BC and ARES




Design Team

Project Summary

“Making dollars and sense of green and healthy building improvements: a review of the Financial Impacts of the BOMA Go Green Program”, research study Working on behalf of PHH ARC Environmental, Light House prepared a comprehensive analysis of the economic impacts of BOMA’s Go Green program (now known as BOMA BESt) which assesses the environmental performance of existing commercial buildings and provides best practice guidelines for building operations and maintenance. Buildings of any size can participate in the BOMA Go Green program which is about much more than just certification: the application process helps to asses how well a building performs and includes practical suggestions for tangible ways to improve environmental and energy efficiency practices. The purpose of this report is to present the financial impacts of the strategies outlined in Go Green in a manner that is meaningful to building owners and managers such as ROI through operational savings, personnel and productivity impacts, operational process enhancements and market impacts such as asset value, tenant turnover rates, etc. The report can be found at GG Final Sep 14 2007.pdf.