District of North Vancouver Green Building Policy Strategy



North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Project Completion Date

November 2009

Project Type

Light House Services

Policy Development, Research, Facilitation, Education and Training


District of North Vancouver




Design Team

Project Summary

District of North Vancouver Green Building Policy Strategy, Policy Measures, Policy Statement, Industry Workshops, Council Education and Staff Training Light House was hired as lead consultant in April 2008 to document and evaluate a comprehensive range of policies, regulations and incentives in various jurisdictions applicable to the District of North Vancouver as a means to implementing its commitments for energy efficiency improvements to commercial and larger residential projects buildings under the BC Community Action on Energy Efficiency Program. The project informed the District’s corporate green building standards and included measures for single-family homes as well. Working with the Pembina Institute, the project included the creation of a draft policy statement, the development of a green building strategy, two checklists of energy efficiency measures (for residential and ICI projects), modeling of the impacts of the proposed measures on the District’s GHG emissions reduction trajectory and the review of a suite of policy tools (incentives and regulations) through a framework of energy efficiency targets, affordability, impacts on staff time, etc. Light House was also responsible for training District staff, convening two industry workshops, presenting information to Council and preparing public information guides.