Comparative Analysis of Green Building Rating Systems



Project Completion Date

June 2011

Project Type

Light House Services


City of Vancouver




Design Team

Project Summary

Buildings represent 54% of community GHG emissions in Vancouver. Driven by its Greenest City vision, the City has been working strenuously to develop and implement a range of ambitious policies aimed at reducing carbon-emissions from buildings. Effective January 1st 2011, all rezonings are required to achieve LEED® Gold with a minimum of 63 points and with a minimum of 6 optimize energy performance points, 1 water efficiency point, and 1 storm water point. Alternatively, projects may pursue a minimum of Built Green™Multi-Storey and Residential Tower BC Gold (MS&RT) with a minimum of 35% better than MNECB, or Built Green BC for Homes Gold or LEED for Homes Gold, and a score of Energuide 82. The project comprised the preparation and delivery of a comparative analysis to examine the relative effectiveness of the LEED-NC Canada 2009 Gold standard and Built Green Gold standard in delivering on the City’s sustainability goals. The study examined the enforceability, rigour, and logistical requirements of the two systems; and provided recommendations by way of a final report, on whether the City’s Green Rezoning Policy should reference each of the two standards, and if so, how each of the two standards should be referenced. The study focused on Part 3 buildings only.