Community Action on Energy Efficiency Pilot Incentive Program



Project Completion Date

March 2007

Project Type

Light House Services

Energy Efficiency Advisory, Education, Catalyzing Green Development





Design Team

Project Summary

Implemented by Light House in partnership by City Green Solutions and Homeworks Services, the $2.2m CAEE Energy Savings Plan (ESP) was tasked with developing and implementing a series of incentive packages and outreach and educational initiatives aimed at encouraging the market uptake of energy efficiency measures in British Columbia buildings. Initiated as a one year pilot project operating in 24+communities, the program targeted energy savings measures for existing single family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, affordable multi unit housing and new and existing commercial buildings. In one year, ESP delivered 116,237 GJ of energy savings and 6,552.06 tonnes of GHG emission reductions by March 31, 2007, exceeding the BC Government’s established project target by 45%. The program delivered $1,888,334.11 in financial incentives to home and building owners in over 25 communities across the BC. Light House was particularly responsible for coordinating municipal involvement and working with the building operators and energy managers of 18 existing multi unit residential buildings, with 315 units, in 5 communities, 14 small commercial buildings in 4 communities and 3 alterative energy projects and 4 small commercial buildings on Haida Gwaii.