Benefits of Sub-Metering: a research paper



Project Completion Date

March 2007

Project Type

Light House Services



Office of the Chief Scientist, Natural Resources Canada




Design Team

Project Summary

The Government of Canada owns, operates and/or leases a large number of S&T facilities across the country. Public support of Science and Technology research is critical to maintaining Canada’s competitive position in the global economy. Research investment has increased significantly over the past few years as Canada strives towards realizing its goal to rank among the top five countries in the world in terms of R&D intensity by 2010. In parallel with this objective is the goal of minimizing the potential negative impact of energy consumption reductions measures on science and technology activities by forecasting energy requirements and providing recommendations. This report evaluates the benefits of sub-metering energy consumption in Canadian science and technology (S&T) facilities to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It examines sub-metering technologies and current practices, providing recommendations to accelerate uptake. Easily accessible feedback on resource use increases both awareness and motivation to act in ways that change attitudes, minimize resource use and save money. Companies that have implemented a process to measure and record their energy consumption, monitor their consumption against targets, and take action to address variances from the targets can reduce their energy costs by 5–25% through implementing low-cost or no- cost operational changes. Recommendations include education and training for operators, capital planners, tenants and owners.