“Green Building Operators” scoping study



Project Completion Date

March 2011

Project Type

Light House Services


ECO Canada




Design Team

Project Summary

The role of the building operator is being affected by market awareness of the impacts of buildings on the environment, the increased expectations of building owners of efficient performance of their assets and the influx of innovative environmental solutions that go beyond conventional building operations. Light House is working on a national research project to document mechanisms to assist building operators in adapting to the requirements of managing buildings in the commercial and institutional sectors as they shift to a new culture of energy conservation in Canada. The main objectives of this scoping exercise are to document occupations that exist in the green building industry, and identify mechanisms to assist Green Building Operators in adapting to the requirements of a sustainably built and operated environment in the commercial and institutional sector. This will help to ensure that Green Building Operators actively participate in the emergence of a new culture of energy efficiency and conservation in Canadian buildings. Light House’s sub-consultant on this project is Ipsos Reid. Results will be available in summer 2011.